5 Bathroom Design Trends at Cersaie 2022

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Colors and shapes were on display at the 39th annual Cersaie International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, held Sept. 26-30 in Bologna, Italy. The 2022 show welcomed more than 90,000 visitors — approaching pre-pandemic figures — from 27 countries around the world, presenting new products despite economic and political situations that have made it challenging to obtain raw materials, especially for the ceramics sector.

The star of the show this year was color. We saw fixtures, sinks and faucets in a variety of shades, from the most saturated hues to pastels, with a new space dedicated to glossy ceramics. There was also room for textured finishes in line with broader furniture trends, for a bathroom you can touch and feel. Not to be forgotten were all-black designs and an attention to sustainability, seen in new shower trays, radiators and materials.
PO•MO by Terri Pecora for Simas

1. Saturated and Glossy Color

Bathrooms have been straying from standard white for several years now. 2022 is no exception, with saturated shades and glossy finishes appearing at Cersaie alongside the pastel and matte tones seen in previous years. “The trend that immediately stands out this year is color, especially glossy color,” confirms designer Terri Pecora.

“Color has been popular for several years and continues to expand, opening up to shades like mustard, blue and glossy blushes. Pastels broke onto the scene a few years ago and, after their success about five years ago, neutral and desaturated tones like beige and gray still present today are taking a back row to intense, saturated colors.”

The Changing Face of Tile at Italy’s Cersaie 2022 Trade Fair
White Label collection from Zetae Studio made of Luxolid, a material created by Relax Design

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Made out of polyurethane foam, the Groove shower head by Odo Fioravanti for Alpi can be painted in any color.
Groove shower head designed by Odo Fioravanti for Alpi

The Groove was the winner of the ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award, selected from among a variety of colorful collections.
Camaleo collection from Colavene
Legacy sink from Axa Ceramica
Icon shower cabin in the Ibra Showers line from Arbi Arredobagno with Grigio Europa glass

2. Black and Smoked Glass for an Elegant Bathroom

Black continues to star in the bathroom, both in terms of ceramics and shower enclosures, with smoked glass and black structures in both matte and glossy finishes.

We saw a variety of combinations at Cersaie, with black paired with traditional white ceramics or in more colorful compositions, with tones such as salmon, beige or powder pink adding warmth and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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For the first time at Cersaie, the Jolie sink from The.Artceram, designed by Meneghello Paolelli
Selfie Shower from Agha
Duka’s stila 2000 series is now also available with black supports
Frameless shower enclosure from Flair presented with black supports and smoked glass
Heritage collection designed by Enrico Cesana for Artesi, also includes cupboards and sideboards suitable for other rooms in the house

3. Hybrid Furnishings

More generally in the furnishings world, we are seeing the boundaries between different spaces being erased. This is what we saw in kitchens at Salone del Mobile 2022, for example, and this trend has also changed the relationship between interiors and exteriors, work spaces and living areas, or gyms and bedrooms. New bathroom furnishings collections, likewise, are increasingly suitable for other areas of the house, aiming to create design and stylistic continuity between different rooms.

Terri Pecora explains: “Bathrooms are developing year after year because people want them to be designed with the same attention to detail as other rooms in the house. Style has become increasingly important because people now recognize that being in a nice bathroom is highly gratifying.”

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Passepartout series from Artesi, also presented at the 2021 edition of Cersaie, includes a wardrobe system for the laundry space or other parts of the home
Traccia radiator from Caleido designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Sketches of Norm Architects’ Copenhagen collection for Decoratori Bassanesi

4. Tactile Surfaces and Clean-Cut Shapes

Another major trend we spotted has to do with surfaces: coatings, accessories, faucets and handles are increasingly tactile. Explaining the trend is Katrine Goldstein, managing director and partner at Norm Architects: “We need to surround ourselves with texture, with something that makes us feel rooted to the land and at ease. We need to ‘touch and feel’ to contrast with the thousands of images we scroll through on social media every day.”
Kea line by Treemme, re-presented at Cersaie
Semi-freestanding Kracklite sink from Axa Ceramica

We also saw a preference for clean-cut shapes and generous proportions, creating a new feel in the bathroom. “The trend in ceramics focuses on very clean, geometric shapes. They’re post-modern, drawing basic inspiration from modernism and minimalism. What changes are the proportions, with a decided preference for decisive volume,” Terri Pecora says.
The Massimo shower tray by Fiora; the company reports that it is between 30% and 50% lighter than traditional models

5. Sustainability

Research continues into new materials that are lighter and therefore require less raw material and less waste. “Everything in the world of ceramics is focused on sustainability,” notes designer Federica Biasi. For one thing, the starting point for wall tiles and sanitary fixtures are raw materials of natural origin. Energy-efficient production processes and new solutions that reduce processing phases are also important considerations.