5 Haunted Houses to Visit This Halloween Season

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Empty residences evoke an unsettling atmosphere, as spaces designed for habitation appear devoid of life. However, the perceived vacancy may be misleading, with some of these homes holding unexpected histories or lingering inhabitants.

Remarkably, haunted houses don't deter buyers; as of last year, 24% of American homeowners claimed to reside in such dwellings. With Halloween approaching, now presents an opportune time to explore the haunted house market.

While the renowned Amityville House is presently off the market, other haunted properties are available or have recently sold. Many of these homes trace their origins back to the 19th century, increasing the likelihood of a mysterious past.

1) Enslin Mansion, 562 5th Avenue, Troy, New York (Listed for $444,444)
Built in 1925 by a German immigrant and held within the same family since, this property, now on the market via Grand Lux Realty, comes with a unique feature—the presence of approximately nine ghosts, according to current owner Michelle Bell. Its reputation as a hub for paranormal enthusiasts is highlighted in local publications. The Colonial-style architecture, modern amenities, and four bedrooms offer a blend of history and comfort for the prospective buyer.


2) 56 Main St, Millbury, Massachusetts (Recently sold for $769,000)
Listed by Media Realty in September 2023, this home, constructed in 1850, served as a funeral home from 1948 until recently. While explicit encounters with ghosts are not mentioned, the "Probably Haunted" sign suggests a spectral history that might appeal to those seeking an otherworldly ambiance.


3) Taylor-Trask Museum, 35 North Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts (Listed for $1.4 million)
Located in historically haunted Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Taylor-Trask Museum is for sale with the possibility of being renovated into a single-family home. Featured on the ghost-hunting show "Portals to Hell" in 2022, its asking price exceeds a million, possibly influenced by the additional publicity.


4) Priestley House, 138 E Fulton Street, Canton, Mississippi (Listed for $999,999)
A Mississippi landmark with an antebellum history, the Priestly House, built in 1852, is associated with paranormal phenomena. The original owners, Dr. James Priestly and Susan, are believed by some to still inhabit the house. Numerous reported occurrences, from a self-playing piano to sightings of a ghostly woman, contribute to its eerie reputation.


5) The Dakota, W 72nd St, New York City, New York (One apartment listed for $4,950,000)
Known for its celebrity residents, including John Lennon of the Beatles, The Dakota is infamous for his tragic assassination outside the building. Some claim to have seen Lennon's spirit within the halls. With one three-bedroom apartment currently listed for $4,950,000, potential buyers can experience luxury living alongside the building's haunting history, further perpetuated by its use in the film "Rosemary's Baby.


Source: RISMedia by Devin Meenan