Does your fence need an upgrade?

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Home Improvement

From providing security to A-game curb appeal, your home's fence has many uses. Your fence is  always on display and should always look  it's best. It may have been some time since you gave any TLC to your fence, or perhaps you just moved in and and would like to show off a bit more personality. Whatever your  reason, you can give  your fence a facelift without breaking the bank, or your back!


A simple way to mask imperfections or breathe some new life into your curb appeal is paint. A can of paint and some time can restore, renew or completely change the look of your yard. You can choose to go more sophisticated, cute or elegant! Adding some paint, specifically made for outdoors, also adds some protection from the elements which also may extend the life of your fence.

Spruce up your fence with decorations:

Outdoor lights, adornments, hanging plants or novelty items can make a huge visual impact! The sky is the limit, let your personality shine!

A little lattice can go a long way!

Lattice has many different uses these days and come in many forms. You can use lattice to create an entrance point, backdrop or to divide different areas of your yard. They are now available multiple styles and materials so let your creativity flow! 

Repair or replace if needed:

Simple repairs are the quickest way to improve a fence. If there are parts of your fence that need to be fixed up, then you should take care of them as soon as you are able. If your fence has loose boards, then you should nail them back in to place and, if you have a wobbly fence post, then you need to secure it.

You can certainly extend the life of your fence by taking steps to improve it. Something as little as a paint job can instantly have it looking new again. It all depends on what you’re willing to do and how much effort you want to put into this project!