Fold, Roll or Hang? How you store your clothes?

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To Fold, Roll, or Hang?

Discover the Optimal Methods for Storing Your Clothes

How you organize your closet impacts your overall appearance. Some hang everything, while others reserve hanging space for wrinkle-prone items, opting to fold, roll, or stack the rest. Utilize rods, bins, drawers, shelves, and cubbies strategically to maximize space and enhance accessibility.



Optimize your hanging rod by strategically placing dresses, suits, and tailored shirts. Choose curved or padded hangers for delicate items and have an assortment for various needs. If space allows, hang dresser items, using different hanger styles for each category. Save space with tiered hangers for coordination.



When hanging space is limited, bins, baskets, shelves, and drawers offer flexible storage. Mobile bins and baskets make organization easy, moving from the laundry room to your closet. For neatly folded items, stack on shelves or in cubbies for a tidy look. Keep stacks reasonable in height to avoid disturbances. Marie Kondo's "filing" method in bins and drawers allows for easy identification and retrieval without causing chaos.



For folding shirts, choose between freestyling or using a folding board. The Japanese fold and folding board methods work well for T-shirts, dress shirts (with Kondo's technique), and slacks. Socks can be neatly folded using an "X" method.

Rolling clothes efficiently utilizes space and keeps them wrinkle-free, especially suitable for knits, fleece, casual fabrics, and synthetics, but not recommended for woven cottons.


In the quest for wardrobe organization, whether you're letting it all hang out, filing and stacking, or opting for folding and rolling, finding the optimal methods for storing your clothes is essential. Enhance your closet's functionality and aesthetic appeal by strategically placing items, utilizing flexible storage solutions, and adopting efficient folding and rolling techniques. Your wardrobe deserves a tailored approach, so let your closet reflect your unique style and organizational preferences. Here's to a well-organized and stylish closet that complements your overall appearance!