Inside Sofia Vergara's Personal LA Paradise

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Inside Sofía Vergara’s Personal LA Paradise

The Griselda actor worked with designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano to create an inviting home for friends and family


Sofía Vergara bluntly describes her initial impression of her Beverly Park home as resembling a castle in Transylvania, with arches upon arches. Despite challenges, she aimed to make it feel homey. Dissatisfied with the 1990s architecture, she enlisted designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano via Instagram, finding a perfect match in vision. The collaboration resulted in a transformation that reflected Vergara's desire for a house with history and texture, achieving a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


The living room is outfitted with an antique Italian chandelier, a Tabriz rug from Mehraban, a resin planter from Inner Gardens, and custom seating in Pierre Frey linen.

Davies-Gaetano agrees that she and Sofía immediately clicked on the vision of creating a home that feels ethereal yet grounded, blending freshness with antique warmth. They sourced continental antiques from various European countries, furnishing the airy living room with an 18th-century French fireplace, a Persian Tabriz rug, and 19th-century Italian accents. Sofía insisted on practical investments, avoiding overly precious pieces to ensure the furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed by all.


The dining room is crowned with a wall covering that is hand-embossed in plaster by MJ Atelier. Dining chairs by Dennis & Leen, de Le Cuona curtain fabric through Thomas Lavin, and a 19th-century French buffet.

In the dining room, Davies-Gaetano added a foliate wall covering with hand-embossed plaster vines and leaves on the ceiling. Each room incorporates special details for depth, with a focus on decorative lighting, like the Spanish tole chandelier in the family room and Baguès rock crystal sconces in a powder room.

Despite Sofía Vergara's preference for monochromatic tones, Davies-Gaetano subtly introduced hushed colors through upholstery, antique carpets, and artwork. The family room exemplifies this with throw pillows echoing hues from the carpet, while a vivid touch comes from a Fernando Botero painting, adding a burst of color.


The primary bedroom is furnished with a Louis XVI regency-style fireplace from the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and an antique Swedish armoire, mirror, and commode.

The vibrant landscape, rejuvenated by designer Stephen Block, adds a burst of color to Sofía Vergara's home. Collaborating with Inner Gardens, they transformed the grounds with new plantings, antique urns, fountains, and tropical elements connecting to Vergara's roots. Despite not cooking, she loves entertaining, and her home, now perfect for hosting, brings joy to friends and family. Grateful for the transformation, Vergara wakes up each day, still in disbelief that this is her life.


Hair by Kelly Kline; makeup by Sabrina Bedrani using Dior for the Wall Group. Art: Fernando Botero/Gary Nader, Miami.

Sofía Vergara, in Lapointe attire and adorned with jewelry by Dena Kemp, Yeprem, and Kavant & Sharart, poses next to a Fernando Botero sculpture in her living room. The Baroque armchair is from ODG Galerie, and the 18th-century French limestone fireplace completes the stylish setting. Styled by Rhonda Spies.