Top 5 Ways To Prep Your Home To Sell

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Top 5 ways to prep your home to sell fast

Regardless of the market conditions, prepping your home will always be the first and best thing you can do to sell your home at the best price in the shortest amount of time with the terms you want.

1.   Start with the Right Price

Homes that are priced strategically from the beginning are much more likely to sell faster than those that are priced too high for the market. Comparing similar homes in your area that have sold and that are currently for sale will help determine a fair market price to list your home.  Become a Market Insider to track the market in your area.

2.   Depersonalize & minimalize

To make your home feel more spacious, try to minimize as much of your belongings as possible. No clutter around the house lets buyers see your house and not your things. They need to be able to picture your home as their own, so put away the family photographs. Evaluate what you can potentially live without for the next several months and start packing. It all needs to be packed anyway, so you might as well get a head start!

3.   Clean, Clean & Then Clean Some More

Everyone loves a clean home, so clean yours like you've never cleaned before! Show your home at its best with a spotless kitchen, super clean bathrooms, and shiny floors. You don't have to live like a clean freak forever, but buyers are sure to appreciate your efforts!

4.   Make Home Maintenance a Priority

Preparing to sell often requires putting some money and work into your home. When buyers see repairs that need to be done, they start looking for what else could be wrong with the house. This could cost you thousands off your asking price or even risk losing the sale. Being proactive and completing home repairs before listing will help selling go smoother and quicker. You can even have a pre-listing inspection done if you want to avoid the possibility of surprises later.

5.   Be Ready & Willing to Show

Showing your home is an important part of the selling process and being accommodating to showing requests will increase the likelihood of finding a buyer. Keep your home as "always show ready” as possible so that you can quickly tidy up on short notice and leave your home (taking your pets with you) before the potential buyers arrive.

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